Our most frequently asked questions

Can I get a quote for my kitchen, or help with my kitchen renovation design/layout?

Yes you can, However there is small charge for this service, as the prices quoted do not include any consultancy or design costs. We do understand that some people need some advice or a little help along the way. Here are the options:

  • Quote it yourself from the price list on the website. Make sure that you include any end panels at the end of runs and fillers. Once you’re ready to proceed with the order and have paid your $500 deposit, we will then finalise the quote and CAD design, ensuring that nothing has been missed. The drawings will be supplied to confirm the order is complete with all the parts confirmed.
  • Pay $150, and bring in or email your plans/drawings. We will help sketch out the design with you, then draw it up in our CAD program. We will then send you a full design and quote based on the prices listed on the website/price list.
  • Pay $250 and we will come to your house (Greater Auckland area only) and do the consultation and specifications there. We will draw it up in our CAD program and then give you a quote based on the prices listed on the website.

Can I get a one off custom sized unit to go with my order?

Yes, you can get a custom sized unit – We charge $120 for each change from a standard unit to make it narrower, shorter or shallower.

So for example, if you wanted a 650 wide 2 door base unit It would be a 2B 700 base unit @ $268 or $354 (depending on what range you wanted) plus $120 to modify it.
If it was a complete custom unit for your kitchen renovation e.g: wider, taller, deeper than standard, we would need to give you a one-off price on application.

Do the units come with Handles and Benchtops included?

No, as there is a wide range of both handle and worktop options available, these choices are separate to the units cost and can be priced separately.

Can I get a quote for just a bench top?

Unfortunately no. We are not setup to supply replacement bench tops. We only supply bench tops as part of the whole kitchen sale.